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Nectar collector
Silicone Nectar Collector with titanium tip & dabbing tool, 18cm long, dismountable, with silicone tray  
from 37,90 €
Silicone dabbing complete set – 9.5x6x2.1cm [YDS09]
Silicone dabbing complete set with two jars, a silicone lining with two additional troughs and a 70mm long dabber in hinged metal box.  Dimensions of the box: 9.5x6x2.1cm.  Sorted by color.
9,90 €
Silicone Dabbing plate deep - inner dimensions 19.5 x 19.5 x 3cm
19.5cm x 19.5cm x 3xm silicone dabbing plate.  Available in different colors.
8,50 €
Silicone oil keg 40×55mm [YDS12]
Silicone oil keg D40×H55mm. Comes in assorted colors.
3,50 €
Silicone oil jar round, assorted colors, 55x28mm
Silicone oil jar round, outher dimensions 55x28mm. Comes in assorted colors,
2,59 €
Silicone oil jar 38x20mm [YDS04]
Silicone oil jar, outer dimensions 38x20mm.  Comes in assorted colors.
1,30 €
Silicone oil jar triangular, assorted colors, 12x34mm [YDS13]
Silicone oil jar triangular, outer dimensions 12x34mm, comes in assorted colors.
1,00 €

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