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Mirare - 7mm - 45cm
7mm glass - 45cm height - 18.8 on 14,4 connector system - ice notches - kick hole - silver square instead of logo
59,00 € 49,00 €
Downstem-Bong - 5mm - 26cm - limited to nine pieces
The downstem bong is 26cm high and has 5mm thick glass. It is equipped with an extra ash catcher and a 10-arm percolator. The mouthpiece is a commercially available 14.5mm downstem. As a result, this is freely variable ...
59,00 €
Snow - 5mm - 29cm
The snow is 29cm high and made of 5mm thick glass. It is equipped with a 4-arm percolator, ice notches and a plug-in system from 18.8 to 14.5.
49,00 €
Jace - 4,5mm - 29cm
The Jace is 29cm high, made of 4,5mm thick glass and equipped with a percolator, splash guard and 18.8mm joint.
44,90 €
Q-Perc-black - 4mm - 22cm
The Q-Perc is 22cm high, is made of 4mm thick glass and equipped with a 14.5mm joint
29,90 €
Q-Perc-white - 4mm - 22cm
The Q-Perc is 22cm high, is made of 4mm thick glass and equipped with a 14.5mm joint
29,90 €
Oilbong Toperco - 3,2mm - 17cm
The Toperco is a two-chamber oil bong made of 3.2mm thick glass. It is 17cm high and equipped with a 14.5 Female bowl, glass nail and a Pumpkin Percolator.
29,00 €
Green Soil - 3,2mm - 30cm
The Green Soil is 30cm high, has 3.2mm thick glass, a 14.5 connector system, ice notches and no kick hole
29,00 €
Aluminum hand press, pressing volume 5,7x3cm
Aluminum hand press, pressed volume 5,7x3cm, in gift box
26,90 €
N-Five - 3,2mm - 18,5cm
3.2mm glass - 18.5cm - Pink neck - 14.5mm 
20,95 €
Ashcatcher 14,5mm
Ashcatcher, 14,5mm
15,90 €
Ashcatcher 18,8mm
Ashcatcher, 18,8mm
15,90 €
Twister Bowl 18,8, with large passage
Twist bowl by Jelly Joker with 18.8mm joint.  Height 7cm;  with a large passage.
10,50 €
One Hitter in dekorativer Dose - 12cm
  One hitter for the hit in between. A total of 12cm long, with cleaning rod and small storage compartment in decorative metal box.
from 8,90 €
Dabbing Set in decorative box in black and purple
Dabbing set consisting of an aluminum handpiece piece, two aluminum caps, as well as three different screw-on steel dabbing tools.
from 8,90 €

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