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Hookah wholesale builds on a sophisticated product range

You are looking for stoner equipment and would like to rely on a safe dealer? Then you will certainly find what you are looking for in our hookah wholesale.  In our hookah wholesale you will find a large selection of high quality pot-smoker accessories at a fair price.  For instance, you can also opt for the shisha with us.  The shisha is a hookah that originated in Arabia.  Mostly fruit flavours and other flavours are used in the hookah tobacco.  Hookah and bong share the same functional principles.  In our hookah wholesale you can not only order a new hookah, you can also choose one of our bongs.

Functional principle of the hookah

All hookahs, which you can order in our hookah wholesale, stand out by the same functional principle.  So while smoking the bowl contains water.  The smoke is initially drawn through this vessel.  It is thereby cooled and various suspended solids and those components which are water-soluble, can be filtered out.  Over centuries, the actual functional principle has been preserved, so that the pot-smoker accessories are still recognizable in its original form. 

History of hookah

Today, the offers that you can order in our hookah wholesale barely resemble the first hookah that existed worldwide.  It is believed that the hookah was made out of a coconut.  A bamboo stick was attached to it.  The hookah we know today probably originated in ancient Egypt in the 16th century.  Over the years, a community culture developed around the hookah.  It is still an integral part of the popularity of the hookah.  Not only in Egypt, but also in other parts of the Arab world as well as in Iran, the hookah was able to spread continuously in the following years. 

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