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Energy Bong Hematite - 7mm - 40cm

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Material: Borosilicate glass
Colour: clear
Print: black logo
Height: 40cm
Cut: 18.8mm
Glass thickness: 7mm
Percolator: yes
ICE: no
Carb hole: no
Oil: no
Equipment: Bowl 18,8mm
Info: with Hematite Gemstones

7mm Energy Bong Hematite

Discover the wonder of hematite magic with our unique Jelly Joker Bong - an innovation from 2012 that not only lets you smoke but also provides an esoteric experience. The hematite gemstones in this bong create an additional swirl in the smoke after it has already passed through the honeycomb percolator.

This Jelly Joker Bong is not only a spiritual experience but also an artwork for your smoking journey. With a height of 40 cm, 7 mm thick glass, a weight of 1.35kg, a 2cm fat base, and an 18.8mm joint, it is not only functional but also a stylish accessory. The stylish logo completes the overall look.

Hematite, a fascinating gemstone, has been valued for its potential health benefits for centuries. It is believed that hematite can protect against blood disorders such as leukemia and anemia. Furthermore, it regulates blood pressure and supports organ cell growth. This versatile gemstone also provides relief from issues like varicose veins, vascular constrictions, and circulation problems. It not only gives a youthful appearance but also cleanses the entire body.

For women, hematite can be a valuable aid in dealing with menstrual issues. Additionally, it promotes self-confidence, joy, spontaneity, and determination. It helps recognize false or envious friends and exposes negative energies.

To ensure that your hematite remains in its best form, simply place it in a glass bowl with rock crystal stones from time to time to neutralize negative energy.

Dive into the world of hematite and enjoy a unique smoking experience that addresses body, mind, and soul. Order your hematite bong today and experience the magic yourself!

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