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Energy Bong Amethyst

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Material: Borosilicate glass
Colour: clear
Print: black logo
Height: 400mm
Cut: 18.8mm
Glass thickness: 7mm
Percolator: yes
ICE: no
Carb hole: no
Oil: no
Equipment: Bowl 18,8mm
Info: with Amethyst Gemstones

By the Amethyst gemstones, the smoke is again particularly swirled after it has already passed the honeycomb. An invention by Jelly Joker from 2012 with an esoteric effect. The amethyst is said to relieve tension, migraines and headaches. In addition, it has a soothing effect on swelling, skin diseases (acne, etc.), gastric and intestinal diseases, and diseases of the lung and respiratory tract. The amethyst is said to promote the ability to concentrate, help in nightmares to process them better and has a very soothing effect in nervousness. It is said to help with mood swings and balance them, help with sleep disorders, and / or alleviate them, and assist in finding inner harmony. The amethyst is said to emit harmony, sensitivity, a greatly improved self-esteem within its environment. In addition, it strengthens the sense of family and friendships. It also supports the inner peace through the mediation of security. After cleaning under warm water, place the amethyst in a geode or group of amethyst crystals for recharging.

  • Height 40cm
  • 7mm thick glas
  • 18,8er cut
  • stylish Logo
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