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Disinfectant Bactoschreck citrus 100ml

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Info: 100ml

Ready-to-use solution for all surfaces that can be treated with moisture
and objects. Acts against bacteria, bacterial odors, viruses,
including corona viruses, germs and fungi.

Wet pre-cleaned surfaces completely and at least
leave on for a minute.

Bacteria and fungi 60 seconds
Viruses enveloped and uncovered, germs 5 minutes

Remove any residual moisture with a cloth. After the arrival
no questionable residues remain.

Use disinfectant carefully and out of reach
Keep children. Not with other cleaning and disin-
mix agents. In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water.

Free of alcohol, phenols, aldehydes, quaternary ammonium compounds
manures, petroleum chemistry, nanoparticles, microplastics.

Ingredients: Pure solution <20 per thousand chlorine dioxide, essential oils
the lemon

BauA approval: N-76113
Best before: 06/2021
Batch: 050220

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