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3000ml chlorine dioxide ready solution <0,3% in Flasche - CDL

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3000ml chlorine dioxide solution CDL / CDS in water 0.3% = 3000ppm. Top quality from German production for drinking water disinfection. It is a ready to use solution that eliminates the need for activation. After first use, please always store standing in the fridge. The closure is made of acid-resistant HDPE, making it perfect for longer storage without gas leakage. Our chlorine dioxide is filled into medical glass bottles, so that the liquid is perfectly protected from light. How to keep a pure product. BAuA Reg. No .: N-85196

Chlorine dioxide quickly and reliably eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. Among other things, it is effective against root rot, gray mould, downy and powdery mildew. In water-bearing systems, biofilms are effectively destroyed and new formation prevented.

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