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Cheap BCG1005 – 48cm
The Cheap BCG1005 is a 48cm high bong with 18.8mm joint.
29,90 €
Ice Bong Cheap WPG3001 – 35cm
The ice bong CHEAP WPG3001 is 35cm high, has 3.2cm thick glass and an 18.8mm to 14.5mm joint in joint with slot diffuser. Available in different colours.
from 29,90 €
Cheap WPG5004 – 25cm – Ice bong with eight-arm percolator
The Cheap WPG5004 Ice Bong is 25cm high, has an 18.8mm to 14.5mm inside joint and a top yellow coloured eight-arm percolator.  The bowl is a hollow bowl with 14.5mm joint.
from 29,90 €
Cheap 719 – 46cm
The Cheap 719 is a 46cm high bong made of 3.2mm thick glass and 18.8mm joint.
24,90 €
Cheap 720 – 52cm
The Cheap 720 is a 52cm high bong made of 3.2mm thick glass with oval belly and 18.8mm joint.
24,90 €
30cm high Cheap Bong with belly - 3.2mm
  This bong is 30cm high, has 3.2mm thick glass (at the thickest point) and is equipped with a 14.5mm chillum and carb hole.
10,99 €
Cheap THG739 – 17cm
The Cheap THG739 is 17cm high, has 3.2cm thick glass, a belly and an 18.8mm joint.
8,90 €

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