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Bat Bubbler 18.8 cut
Bat Bubbler 18.8 joint This Bubbler has green three-arm percolator, is 15cm tall and has an 18.8mm joint.
14,90 €
Silicone bubbler
Silicone bubbler with 18.8 glass bowl, H: 13cm, L: 16cm
23,90 €from 19,90 €
Pear hand bubbler 18.8mm
Pear hand bubbler The Pear hand bubbler is about 12.5cm high, has an 18.8mm joint and is equipped with a blue stem percolator, and blue mouthpiece.
23,90 €
Bubbler, can be disassembled with Ufo percolator -23cm, CGP13232
This bubbler of 4mm thick glass is about 23cm high with mouthpiece.  The diameter is about 5cm.  Equipped with a hollow bowl and UFO percolator. 
27,90 €
Bubble Bob
The Bubble Bob is an outstanding hand bubbler in perfection.  The appearance of this aesthetics in its purest form is rounded off by the built-in 6-arm percolator.  High stability and precise workmanship make ...
28,90 €
Bubbler Prongs, CGP13221
The Bubbler Prongs has two water chambers each with a slot percolator.  It has an 18.8mm joint, 4mm thick glass and a blue hollow bowl.
29,90 €
The Oil Bubbler
Only while stocks last!  This hand bubbler is equipped with an oil bowl and a green four-arm percolator.  The Bubbler´s total height is about 20cm and has an 18.8mm joint.
33,50 €
Swan – Oil Bubbler
Swan - Oil Bubbler The Swan - Oil Bubbler is made of 4mm thick glass and is equipped with a 4-arm percolator, glass nail and a white-colored collar.  Height about 18cm.
35,90 €

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