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Massive bowl with coloured glass melts, 18.8mm
This very massive head has an 18.8mm joint, is a total of about 6cm high, has a passage of about 5mm, and a roll-off protection
from 14,90 €
Globus Perit – 18.8mm
Globe Perit: hollow bowl extra thick glass melted in colour applications each bowl looks different, each bowl is unique overall height 7cm inside diameter on top about 16mm large passage joint 18.8mm
12,90 €
Twister Bowl 18,8, with large passage
Twist bowl by Jelly Joker with 18.8mm joint.  Height 7cm;  with a large passage.
10,50 €
Snake Bowl 18,8mm
  The sniper bowl is dyed throughout green, has a total height of about 10cm and a passage of about 5mm. The joint has 18.8mm.
9,95 €
Bowl Eagle Claw, 18.8mm
Bowl with eagle's claw - 18,8mm. This 18.8 "head is like a eagle claw. Small passage. Height with joint = 7cm
from 9,90 €
Skull head bowl 18.8mm - different colours [CGB13106]
Skull bowl 18.8mm - different colours Skull bowl with 18.8mm joint, small passage and a total height of approx. 70mm.  Built very solid.
from 7,95 €
Bowl 18,8, BLACK TRANSPARENT, K1 bowl-t-black
Black colored bowl with 18.8 mm cut. Passage about 6mm. Fits the Fullco-Black-Bong
6,90 €
Female bowl 18.8mm, black
Female bowl 18.8mm available in different colours
6,90 €
Diamond bowl – different colors– 18,8mm
Diamond bowl These diamond bowls have a total height of 6.5cm and at the widest point a diameter of 4cm.  The diamond bowls are solid and have a large passage.
from 6,90 €
Bowl 18.8, white
White coloured bowl with 18.8mm joint. Passage about 6mm.
6,50 €
Pink Bowl 18.8mm, Bowl-PK-19
Beautiful pink bowl (dyed throughout) with medium-sized passage. Approximately 7.5cm high with 18.8mm joint
5,90 €
Female bowl 18.8mm
Female bowl 18.8mm available in different colours
from 5,90 €
Sieveless Bowl – 18.8mm – 5mm thick [YX-200-19]
Sieveless bowl made of 5mm thick glass. Inner diameter on top about 18mm, total height of the bowl about 58mm.
5,90 €
Bowl - K1-blue
Joint 18,8mm Conical JJ logo
5,50 €
Crown Bowl 18.8mm
Through-dyed crown bowl with 18.8 mm joint.  Passage about 6mm.
from 5,50 €
Bowl - K1-black
Joint 18,8mm Conical JJ logo
5,50 €
Bowl - K1-green
Joint 18,8mm Conical JJ logo
5,50 €
Globus Idait – 18.8mm
Plug bowl, height inside 4cm, diameter at top 2.5cm, passage approx. 1cm, joint 18.8mm
4,95 €
Bowl female 18,8 mm
Transparent bowl with female-cut 18.8mm
4,90 €
Bowl Stnad, 18.8mm
Bowl Stand 18.8mm Approx. 7cm high bowl stand for 18.8mm bowls
4,90 €
M-N-9 Conical Bowl 18.8mm
Conical bowl, 18.8mm, small passage
4,90 €
Blind Plug 18.8
This blind plug is functional and has an 18.8mm joint
3,90 €
Bowl 18.8mm conical
Bowl 18.8mm conical
3,90 €
Zylinderkopf – M-N-12 – 18,8mm
This bowl with an 18.8mm joint, is about 5cm high, has a cylindrical shape and a large passage.  Each bowl has a blue rollaway protection
3,90 €
M-N- 6 stepped bowl 18.8mm
Stepped bowl, passage approx. 5mm, bowl diameter above 2.5cm, 18.8mm joint
3,90 €
M-N-7 Conical Bowl
Conical bowl
3,90 €
Globus Marrit
Bowl, height inside 2,7cm, diameter at top 2cm, passage approx. 7mm, joint 18,8mm
3,90 €
Bowl - K1-clear
Joint 18,8mm Conical JJ logo
3,90 €
Bowl made of really thick glas, coloured border and 18,8mm joint
Bowl of very thick glass, coloured edge and 18.8mm joint These bowls are made of thick glass and have a coloured border. They have a small passage and an 18.8mm joint.  Total height about 5.4cm
from 3,20 €

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